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Bristol Academy of Sports at Filton College

The Bristol Academy of Sport is based at Filton College near the North of Bristol in the UK. The Academy is set up to nurture potential elite athletes in both sports coaching and college level education. The Bristol Academy was set up in answer to students who wanted to play sports and study at the same time.

The Bristol Academy has partnerships with teams such as the Bristol Rovers, Bristol Rugby and Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. Their women’s football team, the Bristol Academy Women’s Football Club plays in the Women’s Premier League National Division, which is the highest level in England. In addition, they also own and operate the Bristol Flyers, a professional basketball team who compete in the second tier division of the English Basketball League. The complete list of sports that the Bristol Academy of Sports service is: American Football, Male Football, Female Football, Rugby, Basketball, Badminton, Golf, Cricket, Netball, Table Tennis and Taekwondo.

Recently the Bristol Academy of Sports started the LEAP program, which is an initiative to provide students with disabilities the opportunity to engage in sports training while studying a full time educational course.

The Bristol Academy of Spots is an organization founded and run to aid students in realizing their goals in both athletics and education and provides a supportive but rigorous training in both arenas. The Academy is for outstanding students and athletes and is always available for anyone to apply if interested and eligible.