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Bristol Museum: One of the UK’s Finest Treasures

Museum - Bristol
Photo: Walt Jabsco

If you are an art or history enthusiast, you'll want to add the Bristol Museum to your next UK trip itinerary. This large museum also contains an art gallery. One of the best things about a visit to this historic museum is, because it is run by the city council, entrance is free! The Bristol Museum is known for its local history, natural history, and archeology exhibits.

The Bristol Museum is home to a mixture of local and international works. As you walk down its halls, you will be enthralled by the collection of historic art, and moved by the modern art. If you are interested in art from China, you should head straight to the top floor galleries. Here you can marvel at the artistry of its Chinese glass and ceramics. You will find collections from the Tang and Song dynasties that date back as early as 960 A.D. The most memorable pieces from these collections include many light blue, white, and green glazed wares. If you're looking for more art glass, you can head to the museum’s exhibit of Bristol glass; artful glass that has been made in Bristol, England since the 17th century.

At the natural history gallery, you can learn from the interactive map of local wildlife regions. You may also find the freshwater aquarium to be a fun stop. Here you can find typical fish of the specific wildlife region.

If archeology is your thing, you will not want to skip the exhibits of prehistoric and Roman artifacts that were reclaimed before Chew Valley Lake was flooded.

Any art or history buff could easily spend countless hours exploring this museum’s halls. If you have a lot of enthusiasm for art and history, a trip to the Bristol museum can be as much as a full-day-stop on your UK itinerary.