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Visiting St Pauls Bristol

St Pauls is a suburb of Bristol, England. It was laid out, in the early 18th century, as one of the first suburbs. In the early years it was a choice for wealthy merchants involved in slave trading. Today, when you wander around the area, the former wealth is reflected in the beautiful Georigian architecture.

Aside from a history filled with turbulence, it has grown quickly. During World War ll it received a lot of bomb damage. This was followed by a growing population of immigrants. Members of the British African-Caribbean community, in 1963, created a bus boycott. This was in protest of what they felt to be a racist employment policy. The Bristol Omnibus Company operated a colour bus. They refused employment to non-white workers. After they protested for two months the policy was overturned. This led to the Race Relations Act of 1968.

Today St Pauls Bristol has a large African-Caribbean population. There is a strong community in spirit. The St Pauls Carnival has been operating since 1967. It is similar to London's Notting Hill Carnival. Each years it attracts around 40,000 people.

There are many beautiful buildings in the area. A fine example of the Georgian period can be found in Portland Square. Also, St Paul's Church is another beautiful example. The church was built between the years of 1789 and 1794 and is rich in history. It now houses 'Circomedia,' which is a circus school.

St Pauls Bristol has been undergoing redevelopment in recent years. The plans include a total of 753,000 square feet in new businesses, homes, and offices. Original plans included a 600 ft tower next to the M32 motorway. This would provide a new entrance to the city.

St Pauls Bristol is truly a unique and pleasant suburb which attracts thousands of tourists each year. The new development promises to bring in more tourists as well as many new residents.